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Relationships in CoreData Using Magical Records


After this post I did on Step by Step Core Data with Magical Records I came across the relationships in core data and I wanted to do a demo for that. You’ll learn how to make relationships in CoreData and the apply create, update, delete and read operations on them using CoreData wrapper MagicalRecords. So in this example I’ll make a .xcDatModel with relationships.

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AlliOSObjective CTutorial

Step by Step Core Data with MagicalRecord in Objective C

If you are looking for the most easiest and simplest approach of implementing core data with MagicalRecord and that covers all the aspects like storing data from a form (UIText Fields) and from web-service (JSON response) you are at the right place.
This tutorial covers step by step process of how to implement core data with MagicalRecord. I’m assuming that the reader have basic knowledge of what core data is. Not the code part but just the general concept of why we use core data.
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