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Use Gravity Forms API as Backend for iOS App

I’m very excited to share this code here. I’ve been working on wordpress theme customization for 4 years. In this period I’ve used many plugins to perform different tasks.
I started working with iOS from approx. 1.5 years now and since then I had a lot of ideas which I wanted to make but I always felt bad as I don’t know much about backend so I was stuck with a lot of things. Previously I found that there is a plugin called JSON API which gives you CRUD for your posts. Here is the tutorial for that.
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How to install cocoapods first time

The need to install cocoapods for the first time happens when you get a new mac you need to download xcode and setup your development kit. As you have installed cocoa pods for a long time so you might have forgotten the way. So here is the how to install cocoapods first time. To install cocoapods for the first time you need to install ruby first.
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How to convert Hex to UIColor

It is very easy to find the exact color you want with hex code. In this tutorial you can convert Hex to UIColor. I’m sharing a simple method that convert Hex to UIColor which you can make in your parent class and call anytime you need a color.
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Solution of searchDisplayControllerWillEndSearch goes out of the UIView when end searching


I got this issue when I was working with searchDisplayController when I call searchDisplayControllerWillEndSearch it goes out of bound o

The Problem:

I’ve a UIView in which I’ve placed a UISearchBar and a UIButton below are the screenshots that explains the problem: 

^This is how it appears when I first run the app 

^This is how it gets when I want to enter the text 

^Finally this is the size it gets after I end the search

The most important point here is that I’m not using UINavigationBar the red is a UIView. I’ve haven’t coded anything for it’s UI, I just placed it in the .xib and set it via autoResizing. They only this I wrote for UISearchBar was [_searchBarTop setBackgroundImage:[UIImage new]]; which was just to get the background image vanished.
I’ve tried self.searchBarTop.clipsToBounds = YES; and this 
(void)searchDisplayControllerDidEndSearch🙁UISearchDisplayController *)controller

The Solution:


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Check if a Credit/Debit Card is about to expire or has expired iOS

To check if a Credit/Debit Card is about to expire or has expired iOS is very simple. I came across applying this logic in an app but took me sometime to figure out as I’m a mid-level iOS developer.
Problem is to check whether a credit card is about to expire or has expired. So how to do it?

Solution is very simple we will use NSDateFormatter and play along with it.

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iOS App tutorial using WordPress JSON API

Let’s make an iOS App tutorial using WordPress JSON API. I use to make wordpress websites, not as a professional but more of a theme customizer. I don’t have any deep php knowledge. I’m not a back-end nor front-end developer I’m kinda in between. But I switched to iPhone apps development after my graduation so one day I searched for this and found this really cool plugin using which made it simple to build iOS applications using WordPress data in JSON form. So to understand this tutorial you need:
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