How to remove Apple LLVM 6.0 Error – iOS with Screenshots

I was facing this error apple llvm 6.0 error and didn’t know what to do. I searched for it on the internet but didn’t find any solution so far. But then I asked one of my team lead and he resolved it with a simple way that can work for everybody.

From the menu bar of xcode select > window > organizer

the new window will open, copy the address till /derived Data as the highlighted area in figure below:

Quit xCode

then after that double click on finder and select Go to Folder

paste the copied address in the text field

the folder will open. Delete all the files, yes delete all the files from it. Even from the trash, clean your trash

in my case there are only two files you might find more files for yourself. Just delete all the folders in this folder.

Open xCode Again and run the project. It’ll be a success 😉

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