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Must read tips for new freelancers

Must read tips for new freelancers

Let’s face it! It’s hard to get your first project on free lancing website. This article covers the top 10 must read tips for new freelancers. This will tell you what do you need to get your first client and also provide you with a bonus suggestion.

Who are you?

You are a normal person with some skills. You are looking to get free lancing project because you want to be your own boss or you are looking for projects to earn some extra cash besides your job.

Your are a developer or a designer or a marketing person. May be you are planning to get clients and start your own office. Or you are just a normal person reading this article so that you can share this with your friend who is a new freelancer.

How do we know that? Because there are millions like you out there.

Are you one in a million?

Open up any free lancing website. There are millions of projects and millions of freelancers bidding on the projects. With more stars on your profile you get to enjoy more privileges than a new freelancer. Getting your first project is hard and there is no guarantee that you’ll get your second project instantly. Because there are other people with more experience getting the jobs.

How do other people get jobs?

Usually the projects in the market are in USD and people bidding on these project are from those countries which have low economy as compared to USD. So they bid low but they have high skills and hence they get the job. Some pay for their proposal to be shown as featured to the client or some are just lucky. Yes, luck matter but you can’t use it for an excuse that you are not getting projects.

You can find a lot of article or you have already read them which are based on how to start and how to make your profile or how to submit proposal. You apply all of those tips on your profile but still you are unsuccessful. Why? Read on…

After everything I’m still unable to get work:

This is a phase when you start to realize that I’ve done every single thing out there possible but I still haven’t got a client may be I’m unlucky in this matter. This is something which happened with me too.

How did I get my first job? How clients see your proposal

I use to submit proposals on different top websites like upwork, freelancer etc. But no luck. Then I left bidding on projects. Then one day one of my seniors told me that there is this website fiverr you can get easy work on it. I made a profile and started bidding. I got my first project of $5. But it was not long since I realized that this is so low. No doubt the projects were like design a cover photo for facebook sort of things which justify $5 from which I use to get $4. I left this website too.

Then Elance became upwork and I started bidding on it but no luck. I went on an international conference and there I met a guy from Jordan he use to hire people from upwork. So I showed him my work (work which I have done in my jobs and for other projects) and he said okay bid on this project and I’ll hire get you started on your free lancing tour.

He was not looking for a graphics designer but he gave me one project just to get me started. The important thing here is that when I bid on his project he bought his tab and asked me where is your proposal? Then we searched for like a minute and a half and then he found that and hired me. I realized that the person who is hiring get 100+ bids from which he must have read first 20 and usually these are the people who have more stars on their profile so there is no way I can get project. More sad part is I did his project and he was happy with it but I haven’t got my second project till now. I’m bidding! so this tells us that getting your first project does not means that you’ll get the projects now. Just give your 100% in what you get.

Are you good at what you do?

You have the skill. You are good at it and you can do a better job than millions of other freelancers out there. If you believe that than I suggest you to apply Toptal. The first impression I got by applying is that they have a screening process, they don’t just let you start bidding on projects like other websites right after email confirmation. When you apply someone experienced in your field will interview you and then they will finalize you.

The benefits of this is that you became the part of top skilled people and the client knows that you are skilled enough for this project even if you don’t have any work history with them.

Here is a link to Toptal Freelance UI Designers where the first line you read is Hire from the Top 3% of the freelance UI designers. I’ve the skills, I’ve the experience I want to work of my own and what is better than being in the top percentage of the UI designers of the world.

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