Another great year for Apple developers as the WWDC 2017 keynote kicks off on June 5th 2017 in San Jose. This article is only about xCode 9. We are going to talk about what enhancements it gets and the exciting features xCode 9 brings.

Let’s start off with this funny video. A world without¬†app store which was played as an opening video at WWDC 2017.

xCode 9:

xCode 9 comes with great updates. First of all is in the IDE, it has a brand new editor which has some features like when you move your mouse around your project holding down command button you can visually see how structures in your code are organized.

(Image Courtesy: Ray Wenderlich)

In xCode 9 you can easily refactor. One of the most basic refactoring is renaming a class which is made simple as shown below:

(Image Courtesy: Ray Wenderlich)

So when the class is renamed it rename all the reference to that class, including the ones in the storyboard and the filename itself. But what is more cool than this is Apple will open source the refactoring engine so other people can collaborate, extend and enhance it.

Swift 4:

xCode 9 has a single compiler that can compile both swift 3.2 and swift 4, and can also support different versions of swift for different targets in the same project. Also xCode 9 now easily connects with GitHub making it very easy to manage your projects.

Wireless Debugging:

xCode 9 no longer requires you to connect the wire with your macbook to run the code on your device via USB. Now you can debug your apps on real devices via a local network. This also works with instruments, accessibility, inspector, QuickTime Player and Console.

Multiple Simulator:

You can now run multiple stimulators at once. So now you can stimulate different hardware interactions that were not possible in the past. Also tests can run on simulator as parallel too.

Other Enhancements:

Xcode 9 will speed up your app development process. The Source Editor ensure high performance editing for files of all sizes. Xcode comes with a new build system with much improved speed. If you use Quick Open or the Search Navigator, you’ll experience fast result.


To conclude I would like to say that xCode 9 brings a lot of ease for me as a developer. Specially the wireless debugging feature and multiple simulators. It’s beta is available today for the developers to try. Go ahead try it! you’ll love it. Happy Coding!

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